Building Management Systems

Building Automation System (BAS) is a micro processor control system designed to monitor and control all parameters of HVAC, electrical, PHE, fire protection, elevators and other building services/utilities. BAS helps in conserving energy by executing various energy efficient programs for optimized performance of the systems and to assist the operation and maintenance of the installation.

The system is DDC (Direct Digital Control) based with functions distributed both physically and functionally over the field controllers. The DDC interface, with sensors, actuators and environmental control systems, carries out various functions of energy management, alarm detection, time/event/holiday/temporary scheduling, communication interface/control and building maintenance & report generation.

These controllers are capable of functioning on a stand-alone mode, even in case of loss of communication with the central control station. We work closely with the owners and architects to install software packages into the system that are customized for the project. Other integrated packages in the system include active graphics software, energy management software, alarm indication software, maintenance package and billing software.